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Award-winning Author & Motivational Speaker


The Other Side of the Law

Kay Verdant isn't your typical high school sophomore. With her unique skill set, her extracurricular activities include catching criminals on dangerous missions and foiling evil schemes, topped off with finishing her homework. How does she do it? She attends Henderson High School, a school for spies, and learns the tricks of the spy trade. Together with her brother, Roy, and best friend, Scarlet, Kay completes her operations flawlessly. She's always on target with her missions, until one day Kay meets an enigmatic stranger who changes her aim. When an underground tycoon threatens one of the world's most precious cities, she finds herself having to trust this new, mysterious ally. She starts to wonder if life really is black and white, or if there are shadowy grays that can turn her entire world upside down. Kay Verdant soon learns that the line between herself and the other side of the law isn't always so clear.

Book Trailer!

Click to view an amazing book trailer created by wonderful librarian and "The Other Side of the Law" fan, Rosario Ozuna of Grulla Middle School! She perfectly incorporated elements of "The Other Side of the Law" through the eyes of a reader, and it is an honor to share this here!

Book Review!

From a librarian to her students, Grulla Middle School librarian, Rosario Ozuna, created a video reviewing "The Other Side of the Law" and what it has to offer!

Her YouTube Channel, "One Book or Novel at a Time" showcases different books of all kinds, all aimed to help students find the book that will spark their love of reading! Her saying: "Everybody is a reader, you just haven't found that right book."

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 The Other Side of the Law

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The Other Side of the Law Book